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Backend Web Development

Tivix specializes in complex backend web development for Fortune 500 enterprise, venture-backed startups and NGOs. We reduce development risk for our clients by using sprint methodology and standards-based code to get applications to market quickly.


Back End Development Technologies

The technology landscape keeps changing with new tools and frameworks coming out frequently. We make sure to leverage the right technologies for our client’s problem.


Speed, reliability and scalability

Our focus is on building super-fast, scalable, database-driven web and mobile applications. Our backend team has built up hundreds of hours of experience, with many clients across a variety of different industries and verticals.

Technical Architecture

In general, we embrace the concepts of Service Oriented Architecture (SOA), a software architecture design pattern based on discrete pieces of software providing application functionality as services to other applications. This is particularly important in a world where most online applications need to support a high-quality user experience across many different devices, from desktops to smart watches.

Refactoring and rewrites

Our engineering team can refactor existing backend systems for our clients. This process involves rewriting backend code to restructure and improve performance, without interfering with frontend components or functionality.

In the case of a complete rewrite, Tivix can audit existing technical architecture, and rewrite applications to bring legacy systems up to speed, add additional functionality and meet current business needs.

The Python/Django pros

We boast a team of truly seasoned Python/Django developers. Python has an elegant syntax that rewards readability and simplicity. Django is a ‘batteries included’ web framework, written in Python.

API-driven development

Tivix uses REST APIs on the backend to power front-end interfaces using React and Angular web frameworks. Using web services allows for the frontend and backend of an application to easily communicate with one another, and for a single backend instance to power both web and mobile applications, along with facilitating APIs for third-party consumption.


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